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Object Framing

We can frame many objects, either in traditional frames or in custom made perspex boxes. Items of clothing including shirts, shoes, ties, flags, different types of balls, bottles, medals, records, cds, cricket bats, golf clubs and much more. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

1966 Signed World Cup football

1966 Signed World Cup football signed by the England Team, in perspex box with plinth and moulding surround. Great way to keep precious items safe while displaying.

Canadian flag

Wow Canadian flag, medal, plaque and a bottle, all in one hand stained frame. We think it looks Fantastic then we would !!

Framed Shirt

Framed Shirt mounted onto white mountboard in simple black frame

Game Controllers

Game Controllers laid out in custom frame with slip and mount


Original Star Wars Lightsaber framed in hand stained box frame for Soho FX production company.


For a Soho FX company. Mask in a box frame made spcially to accomadate object, lined with mountboard. Mmmm nice


Box lined with mountboard, object floated at back with Truecolor glass

Old Keys

Framed old keys sown to the backing with True Color glass

Polo Shirt

Frames Polo Shirt and magazine floated on mountboard for PR company


Framed Scrabble Board for a Valentines Present for a local Romeo


Deep Box Frame Stained with lining of mountboard running shoes attached through the backing.

Sunken Object

Box Frame With sunken object visible through cut out with graphics on mountboard