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Our mounts are made with Bainbridge Artcare conservation quality mountboard with Microchamber Technology to protect your artwork in years to come. They are available in a large range of colours and can be cut to size as you require, often while you wait.

Microchamber Technology What does it do?

Microchamber technology uses molecular traps or “zeolites” which are naturally occurring minute crystalline structures. They have an almost limitless capacity to absorb, and are widely used today in detergents, anti-cancer drugs, water treatment, and air filtration, to name just a few uses.

But what is new and is now changing our industry is the incorporation of this technology into paper. In the 1990’s a chemist, Bill Hollinger, patented the incorporation of these zeolite molecular traps in the fibres of paper. This created a unique and outstanding new product area: now for the first time paper and board could be made that not only had no acid in it, but much more importantly would trap and render harmless most of the acid gases in our environment.

Peace of mind

With Artcare you also get peace of mind because there is no risk of acid damage to artwork, unlike some other boards on the market.

You also get the widest range of colours and surfaces in the industry and all of them are 100% bleed and fade resistant, whichever colour you select.

In addition, you get the widest range of rag boards, jumbo boards and extra thick boards, all with the same added value Artcare technology

Out-performs other brands of mountboards from other framers

*subject to availability